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With over 23 years of experience, ACI is committed to helping students receive all the tools necessary to succeed in school and ultimately get into a top-tier university. Our dedicated staff, counselors, and teachers help all students reach their fullest potential through patient and compassionate guidance. We motivate and inspire students by making lessons fun, yet educational. We inspire students to master the skills necessary to excel in school.

Our rigorous curriculum aims to help students achieve high scores on all standardized tests, including the CAT 6, PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, and APs. We also offer Chinese language and cultural competency courses, starting from the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels to SAT II and AP Chinese. With our curriculum, students will review Math and English concepts to further enhance skills taught at school. As a result, students will gain confidence in each subject and achieve higher grades overall.

In addition, ACI is dedicated to fostering the social, emotional, and spiritual development of each of our students, and ACI aspires to instill a strong sense of responsibility and leadership skills in them.